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The Applied Sports Nutrition Model: Volume 11 Issue 1 Spring 2010


























Ian Craig
Applying the Sports Nutrition Model to Pregnancy: (4--7)
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Matt Lovell
Adrenal Fatigue and Overtraining in the Athlete: a Nutritional Perspective on Pathology and Treatment of Overtraining Syndrome: an “exhaustive” review: (8--16)
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Peter Williams
Q and A with Pete Williams on the functional model and sports nutrition: (17--18)
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Carol Bayford
Whey Protein: A Functional Food: (19--23)
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Nina Bailey
Immunonutrition: the role of long chain omega-3 fatty acids: (24--26)
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Karen Watkins , P Josling
A pilot study to determine the impact of transdermal magnesium treatment on serum levels and whole body CaMg ratios: (27--32)
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Lara Just
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Vincent Dalbo , et. al.
The effects of age on skeletal muscle and the phosphocreatine energy system: can creatine supplementation help older adults?: (43--52)
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