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Biocare Logo

The BioCareĀ® range of nutritional supplements was developed by practitioners for practitioners some 20 years ago. Our range of quality supplements is now much bigger but our ethos of supporting those who recommend remains.

We endeavour to remain the professionalā€™s favourite by being at the forefront of science and research developments and listening to what our practitioners tell us.

We develop and manufacture scientifically sound formulations, in differing forms for maximum bio-availability using the highest quality raw ingredients; moreover, we educate, advise and support: our Clinical Nutrition Team are renowned for their expertise and desire to aid practitioners with product advice and specific protocols.


Biolab Logo

BIOLAB is an innovative medical laboratory offering a range of nutritional assessments to help patients with a wide range of diseases.

The tests include minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, allergy tests and novel methods of looking at gut function and dysbiosis (see www.biolab.co.uk for full details).

The laboratory operates to the highest analytical and quality standards and is overseen by a highly qualified and experienced medical and scientific team. BIOLAB tests are renowned for their quality and value, and technical support is second-to-none for all referring practitioners.